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Men of God Class

Members registered to Date: 4

Instructors: Elder Larry Lindsay and Bro. Michael Crisp

Meeting Cadence: Weekly

Class Location: Sanctuary Rear (next to sound booth), in-person only

Book: The Apostolic Light

Cost: None. A previous book version will be used for the October relaunch and will be given to students free or purchase. Students will need to purchase the next book version (December 2022).

Superintendent: Min. Yulonda Bissett

Offered to: Men only

Ages: 18 and up

Class Description: This is a class for adult men of all ages and stages of life. In this class, you will focus on developing good Bible study habits that will help you strenghten your relationship with Christ and build your faith, so you may go out and share Jesus with others. Come and join other brothers in Body of Christ in an environment where you can expound upon the Scriptures and lessons while enjoyng the bond of brotherhood.

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